Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!!

Holy Cannoly October was a BUSY month for our family!! Seemed like we had something planned almost every weekend! Not to mention one very special, important day...October 20th was Annah's 9th birthday!!! That's right, she's NINE! Last year of being single digits :(  Sure does make a mama sad! I'm so proud of the person she's growing up to be! She also got to go fishing with daddy on her actual birthday!! She caught the one and only fish!

 This month, we also went to the pumpkin patch with a bunch of other mommies and friends, carved pumpkins with daddy, went to a few birthday parties and last but not least, went trick or treating!! Annah dressed up as a ballerina in her dance costume and Kadence was a ladybug that Annah also wore when she was little! Overall it was a very busy, fun month! Can't wait to see what November has in store for us!  :)

A little worn out from shopping for Annah's birthday!  :)

 At Granny's Punkin Patch!

My punkins!

The girls getting ready for trick or treating!!

Annah was a ballerina and Kadence was a ladybug that Annah also wore when she was that age!

Happy girls, ready to carve!!

So fascinated with the insides of the pumpkin!

Kadence, LOOK!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fresh New Blog!!

This is officially the first blog of many more to come! I have so many things I'd like to share and not quite sure where to start! So here we go....I have always loved The Lion King and when I heard it would be back in theaters I was ecstatic! So September 19th, 2011 we took a family trip to The Lion King (Kadence's FIRST movie). Good thing we went on a Monday because we filled up 2 rows haha! Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sam, Great Grandma, Alex, the girls and myself, WHEW! Kadence didn't wear her 3D glasses but she did a great job during the movie! Especially for being a child that doesn't like T.V. It was also a very special movie because Great Grandma Zaharis had never seen it either! Come to think of it, I think it was Annah's first time seeing it as well. Anyways, lucky for daddy we knew all the songs! I often sing the songs from the movie so it was neat to see Kadence recognize them! Overall it was a great evening and a memory that will last forever! Can't wait to post pictures!