Thursday, February 16, 2012

Noooot a great blogger!! :/

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything but MAN have we been busy!! Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful but flew by SO fast!! Alex turned 27 on December 21st!! I found out something very exciting that same day...we're expecting baby #3!!!! We just recently started to let the secret out as we had some scares at first but all is well as of now! Alex built me a chalkboard so I can do weekly updates on our last growing bean! (I got the idea off of Pinterest of course!) So I think as of right now I'll use my blog to give updates on baby as well as everything else going on! As long as I can keep up, HA! We will see! Some other good news is that Kadence is almost potty trained and is signed up for Preschool this coming school year! She's just growing up so fast and so is Annah.  :(  Here's some pictures to help catch up the past few months!!

Alex and I went to the Chiefs v.s Steelers game...and we WON!! Goo Steelers!!

I found this idea on Pinterest and made these for Annah's 3rd grade class at their Winter Party!

Got a new Chistmas ornament (now we will need a new one to add our little bean)

We saw Santa...Kadence was a little scared haha!

She was ok at a distance  :)

Daddy's favorite girls on Christmas!

My girls in their vests during the semi-cold weather!

New Year's Eve at Amanda and Nathan's house!

Preschool bound hahaha!! She dressed herself and came out of her room like this "ready for preschool"

Played outside with daddy and Annah dressed like this in January!!

We got a new puupy named Boston! He's a Dorkie! Daschund/Yorkie mix!

Last but not least...Happy Valentine's day!!  <3